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-from the Latin word CURA,

meaning: "to take care"-

"AMANEcurated aims to integrate a thread of

awareness through all domains of life". 

The meaning

One of the many interpretations of the Japanese word

AMANE is “the sound of the rain”.


To us, Its meaning evokes an infinite ground of memories and variables, yet, it remains timeless. We can be transported right to a moment of rain in our lives, but more important than that, we are being transported to a state of careful listening. The world would be a better place if we all start truly listening.

AMANE in nuggets

Why this platform?

In the new era of information, everyone seems to be an expert. We decided to  research in-depth and trust the wisdom of true living masters & authentic authorities in the fields of human development and share our discoveries for the benefit of all. Respecting the students, the disciplines, the teachers & the traditions they represent.


We identify the leaders and elders who have moved beyond  dogma within the practice they share, and act as a bridge for a community of open seekers who look to start or continue to deepen their personal development  

What we do?

We are Managers and content specialists based in South-East Asia.

We host holistic educational programs and retreats provided by a select number of leaders in the fields of Meditation, Yogic

philosophy , Movement &


Our intention

We wish to provide practitioners with the most suitable container to drop to the depths of their spiritual practices for long and short targeted periods. While supporting also those who might be discovering a new non-dogmatic spiritual ground for self-reflection and evolution.

Our Vision

AMANE aspires to co-create an intentional community of dedicated practitioners, where our practice & relationship to the earth become one.

We aim to create our retreat center & community based on ecological awareness married with an all-inclusive non-dogmatic approach to self-inquiry, 

Where are we at now?

Before the covid outbreak, we managed to develop an operating model that reached business in 3 countries in 20+ locations within 2 years.

A new phase of rebuilding has begun. A variety of new disciplines will be incorporated into practical, body-oriented, and health-oriented trainings.

Behind AMANE

Maanee Chrystal 

Co-founder II Retreat curator 

II Operations fairy​ 

Maanee is the co-founder of AMANEcurated. She has a rich background as a holistic psychotherapist, dance therapist & sexuality educator and has been creating facilitators training, retreats and workshops of her own since 2013, also being the founder of the Embodiment facilitator training for women through our sister platform embodied education. Her passion for connection, non- dogmatic education, and community is her driving force and inspiration through the AMANEcurated platform. 


Currently, her main focus lays in developing courses and emotional-intelligence based structures for the AMANEcurated project ( themes revolved around shadow work, empathy, radical honesty & self accountability), as an early prevention against the formations of any unhealthy power dynamics within intentional community settings, paving the way for our future retreat center to be established in Indonesia under a new caring paradigm..

Eric Alessi

Co-founder II Creative Image II

Retreat curator II Project manager wizard ​

Eric has been devoted to the path of meditative practices since 2002. Eleven years thereafter, encouraged by his teacher, Eric started sharing the fruits of practice with others, developing courses and meditation programs for adults and children of China. 

He has been curating educational programs for international experts since 2014. Bringing together spiritual depth & knowledge, and a bold background in management, operations, and branding. A mix which proved fruitful at his latest heartfelt endeavor: AMANEcurated.

In 2013, Eric founded Sangha Shanghai, the largest non-profit organization spreading the teachings of meditation for foreigners in Shanghai China.


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