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Foundations of Nidrâ Yoga Sadhana 

Webinar 03

Why is there a countdown?

Well, we truly care about you and your learning potential. Our experience tells us that we tend to take this for granted and that by giving you a limited time to watch this class, you will be more likely to actually watch it than when you assume that "is always there" 


Scroll to the end to find the Q&As and chatbox that complement the watching of the video

We have big plans for supporting online and
on-site education with Andre Riehl this month and all throughout 2020
We would love to continue to praise and support everyone from afar and also those of you who also feel called to dedicate time to yourselves online and well as in a deeper retreat container.
We know that travels take efforts, time and resources and we want to acknowledge that fact in the form of special deals only for the webinar registrants who already show dedication 
In-person retreat
for Webinar attendees only 
5-day retreat with Andre Riel 
in Koh Phangan, Thailand 25-29 Feb, 2020 
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Webinar's chatbox

Participant's questions, answered by Andre


1- Some of us experience strong emotions when we need to practice a religion. Do you think this is because of a universal trauma?
2-In Satyananda's Nidra scripts he uses certain symbols related to death and religion.
3- What do you think about the use of symbols such as dead body, cross over a church, meditating Buddha. What are the effects of these symbols on the subconscious mind?
4- I would like to know how you can give life to what you want? we have to think at it like we have it, to do it often, or only to pray and let the Universe bring us what we want ? Of course we also work for what we want. How we know what we want is good for us ?
5- Ultimately are we in relationship with ourselves?
6- How do contemporary techniques differ from the origination of the practice?
8- Please explain what is the relation between money we earn and our value. For example, I consider myself a good yoga teacher, but I have very few clients. I don„t deserve to have more clients? I am not good enough as yoga teacher? This is not my path? I have to try something else? Thanks”
9- From Laura Randmaa to Everyone: (07:22 PM)

You mentioned that when we have the ability to know the past then we also have the ability to know the future. But the rational mind is questioning it. My question is, how certain is the future and does it change? If it changes, what does it depend on?
02:43:48    ELISABETH:    Thank you so much André ! I must go .. to my yoga class ! ahah  Elisabeth from Reunion Island
02:56:26    mabonato:    merci !
02:57:18    AMANEcurated:    LINK to Andre’s Retreat in Thailand

02:58:34    Bogdan:    Thank you !
02:58:55    AMANEcurated:    Thanks Everyone for joining!


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