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Foundations of Nidrâ Yoga Sadhana 



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Why is there a countdown?

Well, we truly care about you and your learning potential. Our experience tells us that we tend to take this for granted and that by giving you a limited time to watch this class, you will be more likely to actually watch it than when you assume that "is always there" 


Scroll to the end to find the Q&As and chatbox that complement the watching of the video

We have big plans for supporting online and
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We would love to continue to praise and support everyone from afar and also those of you who also feel called to dedicate time to yourselves online and well as in a deeper retreat container.
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Webinar's chatbox

Questions answered by Andre


01:51:54 Reno:    hi André! in the rectangle exercise, do you bring the presence into this part of the body? as the perception is governed by nerves and received by brain it seems like a 2 ways: presence located but perception received by the brain?

02:00:46    yolanda:    How is lucid dreaming fitting in? Is it the 4th nidra stage? The in between?

02:01:06    AMANEcurated:    From students through online survey:

"To which extend a state of total stillness (through a Nidra yoga guidance for instance) is similar to - and different from - death ? According to you, is this the only life we live“

02:12:22    Andrew Leggett:    sri ramana maharshi said the I , exist beyond all these states ( awake asleep and deep dream )and therefore is the only thing that is real. Everything else is still illusionary. Experienced only by mind


02:02:17    AMANEcurated:    From students through online survey: “Please explain the significance of symbols (Conditioned Symbols and Collective Unconscious) during visualisation? I understand intellectually that they help purge latent samskaras with direct and abstract association. But, how do they work at an energetic or experiential level?

02:02:57    AMANEcurated:    From students through online survey: “How to introduce yoga nidra for kids, at what age?”

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