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5-day immersion on leading
from the heart

Rick Smith

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Feb 21-25, 2023

This 5-day immersion is for established and novice leaders. You’ll learn some of the secrets that help to connect deeply with audiences and clients.



How to be authentic, even if you’re nervous and feeling vulnerable

 Handling tough questions and tough participants

Techniques for giving clear directions

Understand nonverbal signals and gestures and how to use them

Infusing humor into your work

Coming from your center:  Learn how to access and share your love and kindness, as you do your service in the world


In addition to the skills,

you will walk away with

A full roadmap for improving step by step after you leave the seminar, and knowing how to break up a lecture with brain-compatible active engagement strategies

If you wish to bring out your presence and find your tender heart at the heart of your work, and add practical clarity and zing to your offerings, this workshop is for you.


Rick Smith


Rick is one of the course leaders of Authentic Relating International. He is an international education consultant and national presenter.

He has shared practical teaching strategies to over a hundred thousand teachers and teacher-trainers worldwide, including two years training American Peace Corps Volunteer Teachers in Ghana, West Africa. Rick was a classroom teacher for over fourteen years, focusing primarily on students-at-risk.

He’s been a mentor/support provider and mentor coordinator for many years, and has taught in both Elementary and Secondary Credential programs in northern California. Rick has conducted hundreds of workshops and keynotes throughout the world that are consistently praised for both their motivational and practical value.


How do we access our own deep presence, move from inner apology to inner authority, and thus make the biggest difference in our lives and in the world?

How do we move from performance to expression, from held breath to exhale, from informing to inspiring, and stay relaxed and confident and rooted in our bodies, when talking one-on-one with others, or speaking in front of groups?

Using dyads, small and whole-group activities, this experiential full-day will provide fun and active ways for you to grow in inner authority while connecting authentically with others.

During this retreat, you will:

Increase your capacity for leadership


Welcome and integrate shadow parts of yourself 

Uncover and enhance your unique genius


Deepen self-love, love of others


You will also receive:

Facilitation and coaching tips, including how to work with challenging participants


Communication techniques for resolving conflict


Front-of-the-room skills & practices


A toolkit of strategies for continuing to welcome yourself and others more deeply


A road map for increasing your business and service in the world


Day 1 - Arriving and Connecting
Day 2 - Inner Authority, Boundaries, Personal Power

Day 3 - Making Friends with the Noises in Our Heads, The Nature of Leadership. Embodiment, Sexuality, Shadow

Day 4 - Non-Existence, Death, Money

Day 5 - Communication, Deep Listening, Empathy
. Expression, Genius, Service in the World.


This retreat is for all leaders, whether you are running workshops, coaching clients, or simply wanting to focus more deeply on your own awakening.

“Business as usual” isn’t working. We need a new way of orienting, which necessitates at first, a conscious disorientation from business as usual. Thus, you are invited to arrive with an open mind and heart, and a willingness to suspend your assumptions about what it means to lead and lead effectively.

Though some techniques and approaches to use in leadership situations will be shared, this is not a standard workshop on how to be a leader. The focus is more on self-inquiry; discovering who we are beneath patterns of limitation and performance. Leading ourselves well, with kindness, clarity, and humility, is the key to leading others well. As we navigate our own apparent imperfections, we open up avenues for guiding others through theirs. One key is listening- to ourselves and to others. However good a listener you are, there is always more to learn. We will explore listening from the practical to the mystical, providing you with an experiential road map for situations in your own personal and/or professional life.

Though you are encouraged to participate with an open mind and heart, this will not be the “Vulnerability Olympics.” You are invited to move at the speed of love...


Are we a match?

There is an application for the retreat. Filling it out can give you a better sense if the retreat is for you.

In addition, here are some questions to consider. Don’t worry- You don’t need to answer them clearly, and you certainly don’t need to have all “yeses.” Just looking at the questions can help you orient around some of the depths that might be explored during the retreat, and give you a better sense if you want to join.


• Are you interested in letting go of your perspectives and assumptions, to bring curiosity to your world?
• Are there times in your life when you would rather know yourself than defend yourself?
• Are you open to uncertainty being a source of nurturing, rather than a problem?


Discomfort and shadow
• Are you able to listen and sense, without initially trying to fix or solve?
• Are you open to welcoming discomfort, knowing that it is a step toward expanding your comfort zone?
• Are you interested in focusing on, welcoming, and embodying parts of yourself that haven’t yet been welcomed?


• Are you able to notice when your system needs down-shifting and nurturing?
• Do you have practices for grounding, relaxing, and resourcing yourself?


Investment 5-Day Retreat

Investment 625USD 

This is a non-residential retreat.
The price includes daily lunch 



Getting to Koh Phangan Island


 BY BUS & BOAT                                           BY PLANE & BOAT

From Bangkok: the cheapest way is to take one of the overnight buses that leave Khaosan Road evening about 18.00 and arrives the next morning in Surathani, then take a boat from Donsak Pier.

Bus and boat combo tickets can be arranged by travel agencies on Khaosan Road for about 700-900 Baht all the way to Koh Phangan.


Taking the overnight train from Bangkok with a proper bed is also a comfortable way to get Koh Phangan. Trains stop early morning at Surathani,  buy bus and boat ticket to Koh Phangan Island. Train tickets from Surathani back to Bangkok should be reserved in advance specially in high season.

 The cheapest option is to fly from Bangkok (BKK) to Surathani Airport (URT) with AirAsia.

Transportation to the ferry pier is easy to find at Surathani airport.

Ferries depart several times a day with the last one around 17.30.

Travel time: 1-hour flight from Bangkok to Surathani airport. Then is 1.5-hour bus ride to the boat pier and depending on what boat company you take the boat to Koh Phangan is between 1.5 hours (Lompraya)  -2.5 hours (Raja fairy).

Flying to Koh Samui is convenient, yet more expensive, you may check the rates for yourself. Koh- Samui Airport (USM) has frequent flights from Bangkok (BKK) with Bangkok airways. 

Travel time 1-hour flight and 30 minutes boat ride from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. 

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