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Master of Nidra Yoga & Kashmir Shaiva Tantra

Student of yoga since 1972, André lived in a Himalayan monastery before spending several years in a spiritual quest in India among masters and instructors of diverse traditions. 


He had the opportunity to deepen his spiritual practice with Kashmiri Babu, an ascetic monk in the Shivaite tradition, J. Krishnamurti and Sri Ma Ananda Mayi and Chandra Swami in the Brahmanic lineage of the Udasins.


In 1992 he was named President of the French Federation of Traditional Yoga where he opened five schools. 


Since 2016 he is a permanent member of the board of the European Union of Yoga, working on maintaining a high level of knowledge and students for more than 100 yoga teacher training schools across 18 European countries. He is also the translator and author of videos and audios on Sanskrit chanting, novels and advanced yoga practices. 


André is also professor of Nidrâ Yoga at the Universities of Poona, Ujjain, Jabalpur, Mumbai-India and holds the official recognition from the Government of India through the Ministry d-ONER and IECSME pour for the transmission of Nidrâ Yoga.

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