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Christopher Wallis, Ph.D., also known as Hareesh, is a rare kind of teacher: one who is fluent in Sanskrit, who has received lineage-transmission from multiple streams, and has completed the highest level of academic study of the tradition he practices.


Hareesh is the author of Tantra Illuminated: 

The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition and The Recognition Sutras: Illuminating a 1,000-Year-Old Spiritual Masterpiece. 

If you’re seeking authoritative knowledge of classical Tantra and Tantrik Yoga, there are only a handful of English-speaking teachers in the world who have those qualifications. 


Master of Nidra Yoga & Kashmir Shaiva Tantra

Student of Yoga since 1972. Disciple

 of Chandra Swami, an ascetic from the Brahmanic lineage of the Udasin, and devotee of J. Krishnamurti and Sri Ananda Mayee Ma. With them, he studied important aspects of the inner path: discernment and relationships.


Andre is a Professor of Nidra Yoga at the University of Poona, Mumbai-India. And has received official recognition from the Government of India through the ministry of d-ONER and for the transmission of Nidra Yoga He was named the president of the European Federation of Traditional Yoga 1992, opening 5 schools across the continent. He is also Translator and author of videos and CDs of Sanskrit chanting, novels and advanced yoga practices.


with Andre Riehl




Feb 24-29 2020

Koh Phangan, Thailand


Explore the stages of awakening in the 

classical Tantrik view


 Developing relaxation and inner awareness

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