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Practices and Teachings 

Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga Path~


Dharma Bodhi

 September 13-17 2019 

Ubud, Bali

Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga Tradition, a tried and true path that brings one all the way from beginner to fully embodied enlightenment

The Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga tradition is an unbroken lineage of oral teachings and practices from Nondual Śaiva Tantrik Yoga's teachings (view) and practices (method) are laid out in a comprehensive and progressive system that provides a clear map of the stages through which every human being must pass on their journey to the ultimate stage of enlightenment, that of the Body of Wisdom-Light.


This system tailors the approach to the path to meet an individual's unique capacities, 

interests and worldly circumstances. Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga was developed with the aim of attaining full realization in one lifetime for the sincere practitioner.


On this 5 day retreat, you will receive personal instruction, learning and practicing a set of core oral-teachings and practices from the unbroken lineage of the Mahāsiddha tradition of Indian and Tibetan adepts. 


During the retreat, there are many opportunities for dialogue and discussion with Dharma Bodhi (Kol Martens) to help clarify and customize your spiritual path given your unique capacities and karmas. 


You will walk away clear, confident and ready to quick-start or amplify your practice in Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga




Each morning you’ll be guided in the practice of Kundalini Hatha Yoga, followed by a discussion on the key principles that distinguishes traditional yoga of the mahāsiddhas from commercial posture-based yoga. 




Contrary to popular belief stable self-realization doesn’t occur in one momentary flash of “awakening”. The spiritual path has clearly defined stages everyone must traverse before attaining realization, or the ultimate potential inherent in all human beings – the Rainbow-Light-Body. This teaching is fundamental in understanding your current stage of development, what’s next on the path, and how to get there. 




“Just be present” is the usual advice given in spiritual workshops, books, and video. Though true, dissolving your concept-mind involves much more than hearing a nice idea. What are the varying degrees of present moment awareness? What is the relationship between intellect-mind, awareness-mind and enlightened-mind? How do I work with them? How is Presence and Flowing-Presence different than merely being “present”? How can I remain unbreakably connected to my “Heart-Mind”? You will be led through this process of discovery and mastery of awareness using specific practices and teachings unique to this system. 




You are unique. Mahāsiddha path recognizes this and teaches you how to customize the practices and sequencing on the path to enable you to attain the highest possible fruit in one lifetime. Unique typing technologies of self-reflection and teachings on the various categories of practitioner will be given to help you discover the type of practitioner you were born to be and take the path that best suits you. 




The Ahankara (“self-image maker” or “ego”) is a mechanism that you can learn to use as the vehicle to attain the ultimate fruit of the path. It will be your greatest ally when you understand its nature in the context of kundalini’s journey home. Simultaneously, it’s a slippery force that can hijack your spiritual progress at any unconscious moment during the beginning and middle stages of the path. Learn to “Turn the Light” as it’s called and transform your self-image maker with these pith oral teachings, blessed with the wisdom of the lineage masters.




You have the opportunity to receive a one-one online Mahākala Tantrik Astrology session with Dharma Bodhi, prior to the retreat.


This will bring to light the most critical areas of the three types of karma that create your blockages to realization as well as your spiritual strengths that you will be focusing on in your practice of Mahāsiddha Yoga. 


*** The readings can only be done between the 1st to the 5th of September, as 

an organic process will begin with Dharma Bodhi being connected to your karma over the following 7 days, receiving a lot of information into his psyche that he will implement into your personal guidance you during the retreat.


Cost for reading $125 USD

Email us directly to request this


*full course cost below in registration information



Dharma Bodhi began his formal studies of traditional Tantrik Yoga, meditation and ritual after completing his doctorate degree in chiropracy in 1987. Becoming a lineage holder of Kashmir Shaivism by 1996. 


Thereafter he underwent another 8 years of intensive training in Tibetan Tantra and Dzogchen. Dharma now teaches classical Indian Tantrik Yoga and meditation and Tibetan Dzogchen meditation throughout the world.


His teachings are shared in a very grounded way focusing on delivering the tradition’s practical benefits to the mind and body increasing health, clarity, strength of mind, natural ease and purpose in life.


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Located 10 minutes outside of Ubud, the main hub in Bali, Indonesia for spiritual seekers. Our residential venue is enveloped by rice fields and luxuriant jungle. We have 3 pools, various meditation spots, common area, twin share or single room accommodation and a Yoga shall.