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Below, you will find the guidelines that will support your interactions with these online tools, please make sure you READ THEM THROUGHLY:

In submitting a report, please make sure that it fits one of these two categories:

  • Reports on how the teachings are impacting you and your awakening process.


  • Reports on how you have integrated the teachings into your life

Other important guidelines:

  • These reports are to be anonymous, so please do not put your name. Where it asks you to put your name, you will put a TITLE for your report in CAPITAL LETTERS. Example: Name: CONTINUOUS MEDITATION THROUGHOUT MY DAY. (You can dismiss the email part)

  • Any report having your name on it will be deleted.

  • There is a 400-word limit per report.

  • Please keep the reports to your direct immediate experience. DO NOT share personal opinions, philosophy, or teachings. Each report must include something about how the retreat is affecting your life. Please use statements such as “I’m feeling…”, “I’m noticing…”, “My experience is…”

  • Do not share any favorite songs or poems.

  • Do not reply to other reports.

  • No questions for Andre here. You already have the email used for this:


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