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Our retreat is held within the tri-bay area of Koh-phangan Island, Thailand. This area is only accessible by boat from Haad Rin beach. This area does not have roads for cars or motorbikes and you can only get around by foot between the 3 beaches.


If you choose the non residential option, we suggest booking accommodation in either Haad Yuan, Haad Thian ( where the retreat is located) or Wai Nam beach. It takes about 10 minutes to walk in-between the beaches.


It is often difficult to find accommodation online as they usually suggest arriving and looking for accommodation once there. 

We can not help you with non -residential accommodation bookings. 

We highly suggest booking with us at The Sanctuary as there are a variety of affordable dorms and rooms available for different budgets. 

We do not suggest staying anywhere else other than this area as you will need to catch a boat every morning and evening which becomes costly and time consuming.

Here is a list if accommodation options in the Tri-Bay Area

Screen Shot 2562-02-02 at 13.52.07.png


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