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Our consulting and operations 

services for teachers and coaches include:

option 1:

Only consulting and walking you through the learning and executing process

option 2:

Learning only some elements and let us execute the tasks you find difficult

option 3:

You realized that you only want to teach and rather let us take care of the rest  

Your course has the potential for a "WOW", or a "WHAT A MESS!" and anything in between. One factor that will determine that

is your retreat/workshop structure & execution.


We will walk you through the process of choosing your topic, designing the sessions & schedule, the meals and time-outs for exploring your ideal destination taking into consideration the region's climate, the national customs and more, so that everything feels like a breeze to you and your participants

Exposure through our select newsletter and audience engagement

You will have the option to be featured side by side with other world-renown authorities in the fields of personal development in the world today.


The exposure through our platform and select newsletter may grant a high pedagogic profile needed to foster your mission outreach & brand awareness.

In addition we will funnel any appropriate leads we collect to your trip.

Bookings, customer service

 & Payment Processing

You will learn how to handle all retreat questions and booking inquiries. As well as setting up online payment collections


And most important, you will learn how to manage your time wisely by creating automatic responses, lead- captures and the collection of all vital information from your confirmed and potential participants.

 You will also receive a template lists of FAQ’s to forward them prepare them and many other little details that make the user experience just a bliss 

Marketing Tool Kit &

Setting up your Online Presence

We provide ideas for social media and website content, marketing flyers, professional images, and proven tactics to reach your goals. We help you create a personal registration page, complete with leader bios, FAQs, flight parameters, itineraries, and more!

We also can provide professional video and audio system for live streaming and/or online courses recorded during the seminar. 

 Transport and any type of operational support available.

Communication strategy & Organic Booking Audience

It is not only what you offer, but HOW you communicate to your audience. 

Chances are that you already have a solid group of followers who will book your course right away. Some of them would love to come, but dates and prices don't match their needs at the moment. There are others who may know you but not enough to give a full YES just yet. And others to whom you are a complete stranger too.

We will help you to develop a communication strategy that talks to all these groups and form your own resilient organic audience 

Budgeting for Venue, catering and Miscelaneous

It is possible to please everyone.

 It only takes preparation!


We will craft a retreat itinerary that is unique to your group, which will include professionally arranged airport transfers, adventure and culture laden group activities if required, and a delicious meal plan that can accommodate all dietary restrictions.

Set up a FREE consultation with us

Click the button below to book a time to chat and gain clarity over your current goals and how to draw an easy-to-follow roadmap to achieve them and find out more about our services if needed.  

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