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Our services for

 retreat leaders include:

Location scouting &

communication with vendors

Our team has been established in South East Asia for over 16 years.


 We have intimate relationships with some of the best, hidden-gem resorts throughout the region, whom we trust will host your retreats with the utmost service and care.


Forget about miscommunication with the locals, language and culture barriers and any hassles from the distance or while on-site. We take care of your journey, from the first day planning to the last day, compiling the participants' testimonials for your next adventure

On-Site Concierge Services

We will craft a retreat itinerary that is unique to your group, which will include professionally arranged airport transfers, adventure and culture laden group activities, and a delicious meal plan that can accommodate all dietary restrictions.

We will also be on-site the week of your retreat to make sure that all goes smoothly and to plan, starting with your pick up at the airport. You don’t need to worry about calling the taxis, tipping the waiters, carrying around large amounts of cash, or making daily logistics announcements. If something is not as you imagined, let us work with the vendors to correct it while you spend time with your group.

Marketing Tool Kit

Retreat pricing strategies

Not sure what to charge? We’ve led many successful retreats and can give you proven pricing metrics and guidelines. We work collaboratively with our leaders to develop retail pricing which balances the leader’s earnings goals and their specific community’s needs. We include proven pricing strategies to ensure that your trip fills to meet your goals.

We provide material for social media and website content, marketing flyers, professional images, and proven tactics to reach your goals. We create a personal registration page, complete with your bios, FAQs, flight parameters, itineraries, and more! Additionally, we will feature you (and your team) on our website, and funnel any appropriate leads we collect to your trip.

We also can provide professional video and audio systems for live streaming and/or online courses recorded during the seminar. 

 Transport and any type of operational support is available.

Payment Collection,

Taxes & Legalities

Numbers aren’t your thing? No problem. We handle all of the payments from your retreaters via our easy website payment portal. You don’t have to keep track of any numbers or money.


We also handle all the vendor payments, and once the trip is complete, send a profit statement and check to you! That makes taxes easy, and more importantly, checks the box on the legal side.

Booking Services

We handle all retreat questions and booking inquiries so you don’t have to, and we are extremely well versed in the realm of retreat industry customer service. We don’t actually sell plane tickets but can help with the flight booking selection, when necessary.


We will collect all vital information from your confirmed participants and pass that along to the retreat center & vendors. We will also send your participants a list of FAQ’s so that they are prepared with the knowledge they need prior to traveling.

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