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Delve in with us on this super-rich

interview discussing:

- Bucky Fuller's principles, Geometry and structure composition

- The Universe

- His 50 years in Bali and the noticeable changes in the culture

- Cities' history, human settlement and colonies

- Outdated and unnecessary city models 

- The sensibility of energy, returning to village-life ( yet without isolation )

- Duality and its relation to building

- Taksu and spirituality in architecture

- Questioning the current monetary systems and more!

More info about Tony

The author. Tony Sutherland Gwilliam, Born in 1938 in Nottingham, UK. and qualified as an architect from Nottingham School of Architecture, taught at the Architectural Association London. Travelled and worked around the planet. Studied and worked with R. Buckminster Fuller. Presently living in Bloo Lagoon in Bali and Carpinteria, California. More info of his book: The open-source and

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