This interview with Adyashanti from the Zen tradition (Soto and Rinzai lineage) is divided into 2 chapters, the first 20%  is a fun word ping pong just to get to know the ordinary man before his words take us to an extraordinary journey. The other 80% with Adya, we adventure into the elemental questions:  "What are the dangers of teaching", " The value of science, The reasons for repetitive thinking and much more... 

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Deep interview with Mark, after a 5-day training in China. Eric sat down to talk to mark about patriarchal Tantra, Power structures, the roots of modern yoga and his relationship with his guru- T. Krishnamacharya and son Desikachar, with whom he spent over 20 years.


Kolbjorn Martens, Dharma Bodhi

Dharma Bodhi, oral lineage holder of TRIKA Maha Siddha Yoga talks on the need for a teacher on the spiritual path, how presence is the launching point and not the goal for the Trika Method practitioner, and a whole lot more wisdom that can only be articulated by this great teacher.


Through the rise of tantric teachings dawning modern spirituality, there has been a lot of confusion and misconception around the teachings of classical Tantra and Neo-Tantra. In this snippet of a lecture we hosted with Christopher Wallis, he speaks to the difference of these two traditions and brings clarity in the path of Classical Tantra.