Image yourself spending time doing only what you are passionate about... 

We specialize in the complete planning and execution of retreats so that teachers and facilitators can spend more time doing what they are passionate about!

Planning and executing a successful retreat could take anywhere from 2 to 6 months of developing the topic, logistics & budgeting, organization of venue, accommodation, catering, creation of promotional material, setting up payment collections, follow-ups

and much more. WE KNOW IT'S A LOT!.

After over a decade of experience developing trainings and programs through

4 continents for ourselves and others, we have learned to master and love the process.

Trusting our expertise will allow you to

dedicate your time to well... literally, anything else!.

We offer two different packages for two types of people:

1) One is a management and operations service for Seasoned Retreat Leaders who understand what it takes to make a retreat a success but

find the management and execution draining and rather

wish to avoid it altogether

 2) A consulting  & coaching service for those individuals or groups considering getting started with offering retreats and workshops but

might experience questions & concerns such as: 


- I have a wealth of knowledge or qualifications but don't know how to structure it all into a workshop/retreat settings

- Will anyone is interested in what I have to offer & how do I effectively promote my work?

- Is this too expensive for anyone to consider coming?

- How do I figure out the cost so it's a win-win for everyone?

- I need help building an online presence and don't how to get started

-How do I find the right location, catering & accommodation for my training? 

-How do I deal with all the hidden administration details I note even aware of? 

"curated" derives from the latin

word CURA: “To take care” .


We always take into consideration the teachers' and students' needs for co-creation of in-depth integrated experience from beginning to end.


Taking care from the schedule layout understanding location’s weather and seasons, content structure, logistics, presentation of the material online, presentation of any written material and its design, responding to students to all practical questions on the regard of logistics, travel, payments ( and all the invisible things that do happen behind the scenes 

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